Phone Assistant

Phone Assistant

Phone Assistant is an indispensable business tool that will increase productivity with intuitive, feature rich computer telephony.

Productivity Increase for Personal, Team & Business

  • Real-time view of all phone activities for managers
  • Wizards to help with most common telephony operations intuitive
  • Web interface for easy TDA and TDE PBX configurations

Confirm colleague availability and presence

Helps in determining who is available to handle calls before you decide to call them, greatly reducing the number of unanswered calls.

Integration with IP Camera

Panasonic IP Camera can also be integrated, allowing users to answer a door phone and open the door after viewing the IP camera video feed on screen.

Phone Assistant Increases Productivity

  • Visually confirm colleague availability and presence
  • Easy point and click access to system phone functions
  • Quickly access and dial through your database
  • Record conversations directly into voice mail
  • Visually monitor employee status and usage
  • Improve performance with extended reporting capabilities