IP Soft-Phones

IP Soft-Phones

Turn your PC into a phone system extension that goes wherever you go

  • Stay connected without long distance charges
  • Click and call using your PC mouse
  • Take your KX-TDA system features anywhere

IP Soft-phone is easy-to-install software

The Panasonic IP Soft-phone converts digital voice into standard RTP*/IP packets, which are then transmitted over a TCP/IP network.
*RTP = Real Time Protocol

Increase flexibility

Turns any laptop or desktop PC into an extension of your KX-TDA100, KX-TDA200 or KX-TDA600 phone system.

IP Soft Phone Supports Mobility

  • Stay connected without long distance charges
  • View messages, caller ID and more with a real-time display of your phone
  • Maintain the best communication with excellent voice quality
  • Efficiently navigate phone features with your PC controls